Rally Etiquette & Conduct

A Message From the Rally Coordinator

Jon Gutmacher

Jon Gutmacher

We all appreciate your attending The Big Pro Gun Rally. A lot of work has gone into the rally to make it great, and we hope you all have a terrific time, and have something you’re proud to talk about for years to come. Please dress for the weather. It will be hot, and a hat, sunglasses, and at least a few cold water bottles in something that will keep them cold is important. While there is shade in the Courtyard, and also a steady breeze, it is hot in the sun. There are no vendors or water fountains. You might also consider bringing a light folding chair if you can sling it over an arm when not in use.

Please make sure you pick up any trash, otherwise we need volunteers to do that after, or the State charges us for anything we miss. Be polite, and no pun intended – keep your cool. Capitol Police will be there to help us, and they’ve worked closely with the rally from the start. We ask that any flags either not be on poles, or that the poles and flags be short with no points on the pole ends. This is a request of the Capitol Police. Likewise, since the press will be covering this please keep flags to the Stars & Stripes, Florida, military, and skip those that could cause issues such as Confederate. There are places these are totally appropriate, but we ask you work with us for this particular rally. We have a very diverse group, and the press would love to take advantage of the “good ol’ boy” image if they could. Same thing for posters – Capitol Police is asking that they not be mounted, and held only – and we ask that you keep the language and pictures on the posters appropriate for the moment, and skip references that might embarrass speakers, other members of the crowd, or the kind the anti-gun press loves to take photos of. You know what I’m talking about.

Port-o-lets are provided. Thank our sponsors for that, the sound system, and a few hundred other things. The port-o-lets will be at the north end of the rally site. Smoking is okay by us, but please only at the far ends of the rally area. Please pick up your butts. If you don’t – I will probably have to with a couple of volunteers – and I’ll be dead tired. So, it would be appreciated if you did your own KP. Also, if you’re wearing a backpack, please keep it on the smaller side. The Capitol Police get worried with the large ones as they are keen on possible bombs – and larger back packs may result in them asking to see what’s inside. They’re just trying to keep us safe.

We’re all here to have a good time, make an impression on the press and anti-gunners, and listen to some of the top pro-gun speakers in the nation. Plus, we have some great entertainment – almost all of it donated. If you have a chance – come on up after or before the rally and say “hi”. Just go easy on the handshakes. My hand can’t take what it used to anymore.

With regards and thanks,
Jon Gutmacher, Rally Coordinator